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  • We help your Company to become a Sustainable Organization

    with our Certified Program in 5 steps.

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    Step 1: Sustainable Purpose

    Create an inspiring Purpose

    Did you know that "Meaning is the new Money"? Study after study reveals that your employees want to work for a compelling Purpose that offers Meaning to what they do.

    We help you to create a powerful Purpose for Sustainability that engages all your stakeholders: not only your employees but also your customers, investors, and your community.



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    Step 2: Sustainable Passions

    Discover your 5 Guiding Passions

    Once you discover your Sustainable Purpose, that is your "Why" and the next level is your "How".

    How do you plan to deliver that Purpose?

    What are the 5 Passions/Core Values that you will use to deliver it?

    What are those 5 elements that you feel more passionate about when bringing your Purpose to the world?

    Once you have them, make decisions by following these principles, and you will achieve your goals with ease and flow.

    People are intrinsically motivated to follow their Passions!

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    Step 3: Sustainable Mindsets 

    Create results in three steps

    This Method for creating results in Sustainability comes with three Mindsets:

    1- Intention: it's important to be intentional with your efforts. That means that you decide firmly that you will create results in your chosen 5 areas.

    2-Attention: Intention helps but it's not enough; attention to these areas comes by taking concrete and consistent action. Also, placing attention on what is showing up and celebrating it.

    3-No Tension: by releasing tension through meditation or other techniques, we free up our executive function and accelerate results.

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    Step 4: Sustainable Actions

    Aligned Actions that you can Sustain over time

    After you have your Sustainable Purpose and your 5 Sustainable Passions/Values, we help you to create a Plan of Action.

    This consist of specific and concrete actions that you will take in the next 3 months to make your Company Sustainable.

    It's important that these actions are aligned with the powerful Mindsets that you have created by defining your Sustainable Purpose and Passions.

    With this structure, you can never doubt your decisions!


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    Step 5: Sustainable KPIs

    Measure your Sustainable impact

    Many of our clients are determined to make a positive impact in the area of Sustainability.

    They don't want just the "hype" but producing results.

    The best way to do that is to create powerful and ambitious KPIs and review them often.

    And when you reach a KPI: celebrate it!!

    (Be aware if you are not meeting any of your KPIs, as that could be a sign that you are not placing enough Attention on your Sustainable Purpose and Passions!).



    "Mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people"- Wikipedia

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    I discovered that Passion gives Energy

    My name is Marinma Dorado and I was born in Cordoba, in South Spain.

    From my early youth, I became very interested in how to achieve goals effectively.

    I was able to get top grades during my primary school years and high school, but that became more difficult as I started University and then started my corporate career.

    Putting the hours was not going to be enough. That frustrated me because I love results, but then I discovered Mindsets like Passion and Purpose and saw how my drive for action jumped off the scale, helping me achieve better results effortlessly.

    I discovered that in a Tony Robbins event in Rome in 2010.

    I had flown at 5 AM from Madrid and after a long event day listening to Tony Robbins, talking to people, jumping and dancing, and even walking on red hot coats, and I was still going at 3 in the morning. I had more energy after 24 hours non-stop than most days at 10 AM in the office after sending 4 emails.

    Why was that? What was the internal drive that gave me that additional energy?

    I realized that it was Passion. I had rediscovered my passion for personal development and understanding the human mind, the source of motivation, how to achieve our goals in more fun, and fulfilling way, and that was what Tony Robbins was teaching.

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    I reinvented myself & found my Purpose

    As I discovered my Passion, I re-designed my career in the area of Coaching and Transformation and I started to have much more rewarding work experiences while helping people around the world.

    But I still had an element left to discover: Purpose.

    Passion for me is a vertical dimension because it is about going deep within yourself and discovering what gives you energy.

    Purpose is a horizontal dimension: it’s about contributing to others. Purpose can also be tremendously energizing. Who has not enjoyed preparing a gift for someone?

    When you combine the two dimensions, you activate your results with powerful ingredients that allow you to take actions without struggle and be more effective.

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    All the pieces fit perfectly together

    When I reconnected with my Purpose to accelerate the Energy Transition, it was a Steve Jobs’s “connecting-the-dots moment”.

    Everything that I had done in my career until that point made sense: my studies of Chemical Engineering, my 10 years in the Oil & Gas Industry, and my 8 years in the Energy sector, in jobs related to reducing environmental impact.

    Also my practice of Coaching, Wellbeing, “Attracting Perfect Customers” and tools like Meditation and “The Passion Test” for discovering your Passions all integrated.

    They all combined to give me the resources and the experience to help companies to become Sustainability Leaders.

    The goal is #AuthenticEnergyTransition.














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